R&D Center


Independently research
and develop
product’s formulation

New material

TAC\PC\PA and other
materials’ research
and development

Machinery and equipment

80~90% production/testing equipment’s independent research and development


Skillful in spectral
bands research and applications for
new products

Innovative Technology


Lamination technology

Exclusive glue, independently research and develop equipment

Polarized technology

Iodine-based and dye-based polarization systems

Optical technology

The Company focuses on researching the utilization of spectral bands and light injury problems and protection and then uses such research for product development and application. Polarizing technology is applied in polarizer and polarizing lenses; blue-ray filter technology is applied in anti-blue ray film and anti-blue ray lenses; circular polarization technology is applied in 3D glasses, light-induced technology is applied in photochromic film and photochromic lenses; and light growth technology is applied in the research of the impact of different wavelengths of lights on plant growth.

Film technology

ACTIF adopts ROLL TO ROLL multilayer composite technology and was the first to break the European and American monopoly, becoming China’s first company to produce high-performance polarizing film and optical film. Currently, its main products are 3D circular polarizing film, anti-blue ray film (board), anti-blue ray lenses, environment auxiliary optical film, and environment auxiliary optical boards. Furthermore, the Company has mastered the technology of IR film and will continue to research and develop relevant fields of energy storage and energy saving in the future.

Color technology

Independent color matching. More than 90 colors. Colors can be customized.

Patent Technology

ACTIF is an intellectual property pilot enterprise in Fujian Province. It owns 3 patents for invention and over 40 utility model patents.

Patent for invention: (Anti-Glare Heat-Insulation Film and Its Preparation Method)
Publication Patent Number: ZL 201310451736.6

This patent for invention discloses an anti-glare heat-insulation film and its preparation method. Anti-glare heat-insulating film includes an anti-wear layer, ceramic heat-insulation layer, polarizing layer, protection layer, and anti-UV adhesive layer that are put together in due order. With anti-glare heat-insulation film created through multilayer functional films, the glare index of this invention is less than 10 (glare index 10 and glare standard classification barely feels the glare), far better than glare index 19 (glare index 19 and glare standard classification is the critical glare value) anti-glare auto film with electroplating procedures. This invention not only has the advantages of auto film, such as improved appearance, safety and explosion prevention, decreased cooling energy consumption, UV block, private space, thermal insulation, and sun block, but it can also improve road safety. Furthermore, anti-glare heat-insulation film of this invention can be applied in auto film, as well as building glass.

Patent for invention: ( A blue Light Resistant Film and Its Preparation Method )
Publication Patent Number: ZL 201410229436.8

The invention discloses an anti blue light film and a preparation method, in particular to a blue light proof strengthening liquid, a mixture of anti blue light strengthening liquid, a ratio of anti blue light strengthening liquid, a manufacturing method and product of anti blue light film; One side of the main substrate is evenly coated with a layer of absorbable anti blue light strengthening solution, and then the anti blue light film is cured by thermal energy and light energy. The blue light resistant film produced by the manufacturing method of the invention has the following characteristics: strong scratch resistance, high transmittance and micro color deviation, targeted and effective protection, more free, convenient and simple product matching

Quality System

Quality concept

Customer satisfaction, quality first.

Quality consciousness

Do not produce defective products, receive defective products, or distribute defective products.

Quality system

The Company has successfully passed ISO 9001 certification. Due to strict compliance with the quality management system, all products are detected with international standards. The Company’s QA system has the most sophisticated series of detection equipment and scientific QA system, as well as strict product inspection processes with self-inspection of production, multiple QC inspections, and final logistics inspection in order to further ensure the trustworthiness of our products.