In 1989, he invested in Xiamen, China, and founded Roring Industries(Xiamen), Ltd., which engaged in various types of glasses manufacturing.

In 1997, he was awarded the honorary citizen of Xiamen City. The companies affiliated to the FUTIS and ACTIF have also grown to become the leading companies in the optical industry in Xiamen.

In 2003, Wu Jinzhong was elected as the 6th president of the Taiwan Businessmen Association Xiamen.During his tenure, he united, served members, and solved problems for member companies. At the same time, he rushed to cross the straits and promoted the “Three mini-links” and “Cross-Straits”.

In 2006, he was awarded the honorary citizen of Kinmen County.
In 2006, president Hu Jintao met Wu Jinzhong during Hu’s inspection of Xiamen.

In 2011, Wu Jinzhong was awarded the outstanding builder of the 30th anniversary of the construction of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone.

In 2012, Wu Jinzhong was elected president of Xiamen Optical Association.

In 2019, Wu Jinzhong was selected as the "Informal Craftsman" by CCTV (China Central Television), and interviewed the documentary "The Seeker of Light".

In the 50 years of eyewear industry, Wu Jinzhong has always adhered to the initial heart "Bring freshness and comfort to human vision".


亲历40年:台商吴进忠 助推两岸通航

亲历40年:台商吴进忠 助推两岸通航

借问投资何处去 台商遥指杏林湾

借问投资何处去 台商遥指杏林湾

Enterprise Profile

Over the years, the Company’s operation and management has always upheld the values of “Science and Technology, Environmental Protection, and Health”. With “Genuine, Extreme Service and Making Money without Doing Harm” as the Company’s operational principles, the Company actively explores both domestic and foreign markets. With innovation, safety, environmental protection, and health as its products’ design concepts, the Company provides fashion and comfortable visual enjoyment to customers around the world and strives to be the most trusted professional optical film production vendor in the industry.

ACTIF Polarizers (China) Co., Ltd. was established in December 2002 and is located in Xiamen City, China. As a leader in the field of polarized technology in China, it is a national high-tech company. The Company is committed to developing and manufacturing senior polarizing film and polarized lenses, color lenses, anti-fog lenses, anti-blue lenses/boards, 3D lenses, optical films, LCD polarizing film, etc.

Since its foundation, ACTIF has focused on the independent research and development of TAC material (cellulose triacetate). ACTIF’s polarizing film was put into mass production in 2004 and was the first to break the European and American monopoly, becoming China’s first company to produce high-performance polarizing film and optical film. With super high cost performance, ACTIF’s polarizing film has won appreciation from both domestic and foreign customers and is comfortably perched among the top five international TAC polarizing film suppliers.

ACTIF constantly invests in the research and development of new products, the improvement of production technology, and the updating of equipment in order to continuously provide products that exceed customers’ expectations. Currently, the Company has developed into a modern company committed to the research and development of optical technology, membrane technology, materials technology, surface treatment technology, nanotechnology, and precision mold design and production technology, as well as the production, manufacturing, and sale of relevant products.

Regarding its research and development mode, ACTIF has adhered to a market-oriented system over the years, depending mainly on independent innovation and supplemented by industry-university-research cooperation. Using an advanced manufacturing mode and relying on the advantage of independent innovation technology, the Company has adopted a lean and efficient production management mode with a low-cost strategy to achieve order form-based production. With regard to marketing mode, the Company is facing an international market. Based on the needs of famous international brand merchants, the Company has carried out research and development on membrane application products and the development and design of malleability to achieve order-oriented sales and after-sales service.

Enterprise Culture

Think Big

Global Perspective, Forward Looking

Act Small

Focus on professionalism, focus on process

Future Orientation

Extraordinary vision, Initiative innovation


Enterprise Values

Genuine goods at fair prices

Healthy profit

High-grade product

Outstanding customer service






Business Philosophy


Integrity management

Innovative development

Value creation

Benefit Sharing




Talent Concept

Human resource is the first resource in the enterprise development

Both ability and integrity, people-oriented

person-post matching, win-win coexistence

Careful selection, sincere employment

well-developed training, sincere treatment

Enterprise History

  • 1969

    Tainan Taiwan,Eyeglasses Lens production Kuang Ming Precision Co. Ltd.
  • 1976

    Tainan Taiwan,Watch Glass production, FUTIS International Limited
  • 1983

    FUTIS-Taiwan Sunglasses production
  • 1989

    Xiamen China RORING set-up to extend production capacity
  • 1992

    MIDO Optical Fair Launched house brand BLUE POINT, KALEIDO Sunglasses, Glasses Frames
  • 1993

    FUTIS-Taiwan Glasses Frames production
  • 1996

    Sales, Production, R&D transfer from Taiwan to Xiamen
  • 1996

    EVERBRIGHT-Xiamen Joint Venture LˊAMY France, Production of Premium Glasses Frames
  • 1998

    MIDO Optical Fair Launched house brand HARUKA Titanium Glasses Frames
  • 2000

    Xiamen China LACOSTE Premium Glasses Frames Production & China Distribution
  • 2002

    Xiamen China ACTIF set-up, the 1st mass production & premium TAC polarizers company in China
  • 2010

    Launched house brand AP :Premium 3D Polarized Films Premium 3D Fashion Eyewear
  • 2014

    Launched patented products: AP Blue Ray Blocking Film/Lens AHT Blue Ray Blocking Eyewear
  • 2015

    Promote the Comprehensive Total Solution of Vision Protection.
  • 2018

    Famous House brand AHT Blue Ray Blocking Eyewear Sales of TOP 3 in CHINA TMALL
  • 2020

    FUTIS have obtained the qualification of medical device production record, and added the business group of medical goggles.

AP’s Brand Story